ES Transport, Inc. was a company founded on February 2, 1998 by Elena San Pedro, it is committed and started with the vision of operating a transport service that will provide safe, adequate, efficient and comfortable to those commuting between Cabanatuan City – Cubao vice versa and also have city operation to Sapang Palay-Sta.Cruz Manila. ES transport, Inc. and its sister company KELLEN TRANSPORT INC. and EARTHSTAR EXPRESS INC. have the experience of operating a successful city transportation firms an edge over its competitors. 


  • 24 hours nonstop operation with 15-20 minutes bus dispatch interval with average of 3 hours travel from Cubao to Cabanatuan City and vice versa via Bulacan route
  • Cabanatuan to Cubao via SCTEX route start at 3:00 am in Cabanatuan Central Terminal


To provide the riding public with well maintained buses, well trained, skilled and cautious drivers, polite and well-mannered conductors and other field personnel, and a host of transportation services that meet their needs, getting them, their belongings, and their merchandise, safely to their destinations.


To become the bus company of choice by providing reliable and excellent transportation service, making travel enjoyable, convenient and safe.